Thursday, July 28, 2016

Master Map as of July 2016

After the radar session and interaction with some cousins from Plaquemines Parish, we were able to identify more burials. The map below is not exactly to scale, but if you are on the site, it will be clear enough as to who's where. Following the map is the legend with details of the burials. (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

The yellow designates above-ground tombs. The green indicates in-ground graves.

Now that many of the burials are identified, it's time to spruce up the cemetery. Lloyd and I have commissioned a cement worker to create cement and gravel coverings for five graves, those of Lloyd's great grandmother Cesaire Dobard Dobard, her daughter-in-law Jeanne Lecroix Dobard buried beside her, and the three Escandes - Felix Escande, his wife (and Cesaire's sister) Maya Dobard Escande and their daughter Blanche Escande. The work has begun. 

We hope these efforts will encourage other descendants to make improvements in their own ancestor's burial place.