Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In-ground Graves G-07 to G-14

G-7 and G-8: Mitchell Ricard, Sr (23 Apr 1898-Aug 1970) and his wife, Rose Dobard Ricard (30 Sep 1900-Dec 1981). The red lines are an estimate of the location. Rose is a daughter of A. W. "Willie" Dobard. At least five of their eight children are buried in the Dobard Cemetery, all in vaults: Marie (11); Ovide (16); Dorothy (14); Mitchell Jr (5); and Dorian (6)
G-9, G-10 & G-11: Blanche Escande (??-6-Jun 1919); Marie :Maya" Dobard Escande (Mar 1870-15 Oct 1938); and Felix Escande (Sep 1862-20 Oct 1944). The arrow in this photo points to a concrete base that at one time held the sign below, indicating that three members of the Escande family are buried here. Based on the premise that most Christian burials position the graves in an E-W alignment, this is our best guess as to where they may be located. The plywood at the right of the photo is lying beside the 11/12 vault.
G-12: Unknown. This coping encloses an area larger than a single grave but smaller than a double.

This photo, taken 18 April 2012, shows vault 12 in the foreground; vault 11 (now atop this vault) had not yet been built. The copings for grave G-12 are seen beyond. In the background is the enormous live oak tree that was no doubt here when the cemetery was established.

Felix Escande was married to Marie "Maya Dobard (1870-1938). Their daughter Blanche is buried with them.

G-13: Lance Christopher Stevenson (29 Jun 1981-24 Sep 2006)

G-13: Lance Christopher Stevenson is the great grandson of Theresa Dobard (born 1907), a daughter of A.W. "Willie" Dobard (born 1865) 

G-14: Unknown. This grave is located behind the front row of vaults.  

G-14: Unknown
G-14 is located directly behind Vaults 5 & 6. It is assumed the grave itself is between the cross and the vaults in keeping with the Christian practice of burials with the head to the west and feet toward the east.

Monday, November 26, 2012

In Ground Graves: G-01 to G-06

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In-ground graves are numbered G-01 through G-14, with the numbers running roughly from front to back and left to right. The first two photos show the general layout of the graves. G-14 is not seen in these photos; it is located behind the front row of vaults.

Graves G-01 and G-02 are located to the left (south) of the front row of vaults and about 15 feet behind them. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
G-01: Unknown
G-02: Unknown 

A second double grave with a coping (G-03), lies directly behind G-01 & G-02. The next row back has three single graves with copings (G-04, G-05, and G-06) and two graves without copings but marked with crosses (G-07 and G-08). 

Graves G-07 through G-14 will be described in the next blog entry.

Charles Bailey (3 Aug 1925-8 Oct 1950) Son of Charles Bailey and Sedonia Dobard Bailey. This is a double grave, yet it has but one headstone. This same information is on a stone resting on G-06; that stone also lists his brother Clarence and their mother, Sedonia.  Charles and Clarence both died in 1950 and their mother in 1954. It is possible that both Charles and Clarence are in the double grave G-03 and their mother is in the single grave G-06.

G-03: The inscription reads
At Rest

Bro Charley

Bailey Jr
Born Aug
3 1925 Died
Oct 8 1950
The stone was difficult to photograph as the writing is fairly shallow and years of whitewashing have helped to obscure the indentations. This is a negative of the original photograph taken in 2004, used here because it is easier to read. The black edges and drips are really whitewash that has run down the face of the stone.

G-04: Unknown. This grave has a headstone with no engraving evident.
G-05: Unknown. No identification.
Sedonia Dobard Bailey (1 Apr 1900-26 Jun 1954) ? See below.

G-06: The stone is difficult to photograph but can be read on the spot. This stone includes Charles, identified in G-03.  Charles and Clarence died in 1950 and their mother in 1954. It is possible that both Charles and Clarence are in the double grave G-03 and their mother is in the single grave G-06. The headstone stone says:

Sister Sedonia Bailey

My Two Sons

Born April 1, 1900
Died June 26, 1954

Bro Clarence Bailey
Born October 8, 1930
Died October 20, 1953 age 23

Bro Charley Bailey Jr
Born August 3, 1925
Died October 8, 1950 age 25

The next four photos are overall shots of the original grave sites. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Grave G-14 is located behind Vaults 5 & 6.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back Row of Vaults

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This photo of the back row of vaults was taken 21 Nov 2004. At that time, there were only two burials in this row: Vault 14 (Dorothy M. Ricard Deorzan 12 Sep 1931-5 May 1960) and Vault 16 (Ovide J. Ricard 20 Nov 1932-12 Feb 1980)

This photo was taken 24 Nov 2012, eight years later. Four burials have been added.

Vault 11: Marie E. Ricard Daniel (?-12 Oct 2012) Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
From obituary: Marie Ricard departed this life October 12, 2012. She was the daughter of the late Mitchell Ricard, Sr. and Rose Dobard Ricard and mother of the late Donald Lee Daniel. She is survived by her daughter Claudia Daniel Riden; granddaughter Ashley S. Hills; grandson Larry Legaunia; son-in-law Zackary Riden; great-grandson, Larry Legaunia, Jr.; sisters: Rita and Doris Ricard; brother Benny (Geraldine) Ricard. Funeral Services on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at All Saints Catholic Church, 1441 Teche Street, Algiers, LA  Interment: Dobard Cemetery, Jesuit Bend, LA 70037. 

Vault 12: Mitchell C. "Putha" Ricard IV (30 Apr 1990-24 Nov 2010) Son of Mitchell Ricard III and Theresa Mitchell Ricard. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 13: Unknown.
Vault 14: Dorothy M. Ricard Deorzan "Ms. Day" (12 Sep 1931-5 May 1980) Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 14: Dorothy M. Ricard Deorzan "Ms. Day" Daughter of Mitchell Ricard Sr and Rose Dobard. Wife of ?? Deorzan. Mother of Zeinna, Landry, Janice, and Elroy Deorzan. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
Vault 15: Lionel J. Hill (14 Oct-27 Sep no years)
Vault 16: Ovide J. Ricard (20 Nov 1932-12 Feb 1980)
Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 15: Lionel J. Hill. Information is scratched into the panel that seals the vault. The lettering is so large that the years of birth and death are not visible. At this time there is no information about this person. Cecile Dobard (1875-1961) was married to George Hill (1877-bef 1961) about 1896; they had no children. We know nothing about George's family so cannot know if Lionel is related. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 16: Ovide J. Ricard Son of Mitchell Ricard Sr and Rose Dobard. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Front Row of Vaults

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The vaults at the front of the cemetery comprise ten burials. Six of the ten are identified. If you know who is buried in the unidentified vaults or have additional information regarding known burials, please contact us through the comment box below. Photographed November 24, 2012.

This photo taken 18 April 2012. Tombs 1 and 11 have not been added.

Vault 1: Unknown. Vault was added after 18 Apr 2012.

Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 2: Unknown. Burial took place before November 21, 2004. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
Vault 3 (top): Arnolie Sanders Jr (29 Feb 1912-26 Jul 1988) 

Vault 4 (bottom): Unidentified Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
Vault 3 (top): Arnolie Sanders Jr. Son of Arnolie Sanders and Rita Dobard Sanders. Served in U.S. Army in World War II. Married to Leander "Doodie" Dobard, daughter of A.W. "Willie" Dobard and Rose Field. Children Hughes and Arnolie Sanders. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 5 (top): Mitchel [sic] "Goffie" Ricard Jr. (28 Sep 1936-8 May 1998)

Vault 6 (bottom): Dorian J. "Diz" Ricard (18 Nov 1942-3 July 1989) Photographed November 24, 2012.
Vault 5 (top): Mitchel [sic] "Goffie" Ricard Jr. Son of Mitchell Ricard Sr and Rose Dobard. Married to Shirley Mae Charles, daughter of Felix Charles Sr and Sophie Young, on 26 Nov 1955 in New Orleans.  Photographed 24 November 2012.

From obituary: Mitchell Ricard Jr., A Laborer, Died Friday Of A Gunshot Wound In The 1900 Block Of Murl St. He Was 61. Mr. Ricard Was Born In Jesuit Bend And Lived In Algiers For The Past 40 Years. He Worked In Construction For Many Years. Survivors Include His Wife, Shirley C. Ricard; A Son, Mitchell Ricard III; Four Daughters, Sharon Baldwin And Shirley, Verna And Faye Ricard; A Brother, Benny Ricard; Three Sisters, Marie Ricard, Rose Hills And Doris Ricard-Davis 
Vault 6 (bottom): Dorian J. "Diz" Ricard Son of Mitchell Ricard Sr. and Rose Dobard. No children. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 7 (top): Orestine Bailey Wilson  (26 Mar 1935-21 Dec 1994)

Vault 8 (bottom): Celestine Bailey King (26 Mar 1935-8 Dec 1994) Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
Vault 7 (top): Orestine Bailey Wilson Daughter of Charles Bailey (1895-?) and Sedonia Dobard Bailey (1899-1954) Twin sister of Celestine Bailey. Wife of Peter James Wilson Sr. Mother of Peter, Lynwell, Carolyn, and Melvin Wilson. 

Vault 8 (bottom): Celestine "Celi", "Mutti" Bailey Daughter of Charles Bailey (1895-?) and Sedonia Dobard Bailey (1899-1954). Twin sister of Orestine Bailey. Wife of Russell King. Mother of Nathaniel Bailey, Derrick Bailey, and Russell J. King, Jr. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 9: Unknown Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 10: Peter James Wilson Sr. (11 Jun 1934-10 Dec 2000)
Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 10: Peter James Wilson Sr. (11 Jun 1934-10 Dec 2000) Married to Orestine Bailey. Father of Peter Jr, Lynwell, Carolyn, and Melvin Wilson. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Map of the Cemetery

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Aerial view from Google Earth taken in 2006. The wide wooded strip is part of the Joseph Dobard estate and is for sale. The cemetery, in the lower right, is not included in the sale.

Aerial view from Google Earth taken in 2012. The cemetery is not as visible, as the trees are in full leaf. Note the narrow strip of land adjacent to the Dobard property on the north side. It has been cleared and houses built. One house near the bayou seems to have cleared and appropriated some of the family land.

This aerial sketch is not to scale but it does show the relationship of the known burials.  Highway 23 runs from north to south below the sketch.

In the front of the cemetery, nearest the highway and parallel to it, there are seven vaults containing ten burials numbered 1 through 10. Near the back are three more vaults containing six burials numbered 11 through 16.

To the left of the map, on the south side of the cemetery, are the oldest in-ground graves, surrounded by copings identified by the double outline. The in-ground graves are numbered G-1 through G-14. The graves tinted yellow are our best guess as to location, as they do not have copings nor is the shape of the grave evident in the surface of the ground. Most Christian burials are aligned with the head toward the west, feet toward the east; it is this convention that suggested the possible location and orientation of the questionable burials.

Behind the back row of vaults is an area of disturbed ground, a series of mounds and depressions that are about the size of graves. There is no indication, such as copings or markers to indicate that they are graves. We hope someone who knows why this area has been disturbed will step forward and let us know.

For more details, see the following posts.