Saturday, November 24, 2012

Front Row of Vaults

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The vaults at the front of the cemetery comprise ten burials. Six of the ten are identified. If you know who is buried in the unidentified vaults or have additional information regarding known burials, please contact us through the comment box below. Photographed November 24, 2012.

This photo taken 18 April 2012. Tombs 1 and 11 have not been added.

Vault 1: Unknown. Vault was added after 18 Apr 2012.

Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 2: Unknown. Burial took place before November 21, 2004. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
Vault 3 (top): Arnolie Sanders Jr (29 Feb 1912-26 Jul 1988) 

Vault 4 (bottom): Unidentified Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
Vault 3 (top): Arnolie Sanders Jr. Son of Arnolie Sanders and Rita Dobard Sanders. Served in U.S. Army in World War II. Married to Leander "Doodie" Dobard, daughter of A.W. "Willie" Dobard and Rose Field. Children Hughes and Arnolie Sanders. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 5 (top): Mitchel [sic] "Goffie" Ricard Jr. (28 Sep 1936-8 May 1998)

Vault 6 (bottom): Dorian J. "Diz" Ricard (18 Nov 1942-3 July 1989) Photographed November 24, 2012.
Vault 5 (top): Mitchel [sic] "Goffie" Ricard Jr. Son of Mitchell Ricard Sr and Rose Dobard. Married to Shirley Mae Charles, daughter of Felix Charles Sr and Sophie Young, on 26 Nov 1955 in New Orleans.  Photographed 24 November 2012.

From obituary: Mitchell Ricard Jr., A Laborer, Died Friday Of A Gunshot Wound In The 1900 Block Of Murl St. He Was 61. Mr. Ricard Was Born In Jesuit Bend And Lived In Algiers For The Past 40 Years. He Worked In Construction For Many Years. Survivors Include His Wife, Shirley C. Ricard; A Son, Mitchell Ricard III; Four Daughters, Sharon Baldwin And Shirley, Verna And Faye Ricard; A Brother, Benny Ricard; Three Sisters, Marie Ricard, Rose Hills And Doris Ricard-Davis 
Vault 6 (bottom): Dorian J. "Diz" Ricard Son of Mitchell Ricard Sr. and Rose Dobard. No children. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 7 (top): Orestine Bailey Wilson  (26 Mar 1935-21 Dec 1994)

Vault 8 (bottom): Celestine Bailey King (26 Mar 1935-8 Dec 1994) Photographed 24 Nov 2012.
Vault 7 (top): Orestine Bailey Wilson Daughter of Charles Bailey (1895-?) and Sedonia Dobard Bailey (1899-1954) Twin sister of Celestine Bailey. Wife of Peter James Wilson Sr. Mother of Peter, Lynwell, Carolyn, and Melvin Wilson. 

Vault 8 (bottom): Celestine "Celi", "Mutti" Bailey Daughter of Charles Bailey (1895-?) and Sedonia Dobard Bailey (1899-1954). Twin sister of Orestine Bailey. Wife of Russell King. Mother of Nathaniel Bailey, Derrick Bailey, and Russell J. King, Jr. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 9: Unknown Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 10: Peter James Wilson Sr. (11 Jun 1934-10 Dec 2000)
Photographed 24 Nov 2012.

Vault 10: Peter James Wilson Sr. (11 Jun 1934-10 Dec 2000) Married to Orestine Bailey. Father of Peter Jr, Lynwell, Carolyn, and Melvin Wilson. Photographed 24 Nov 2012.


  1. I would like information on Arnolie Sander. Jr. I found in Jet magazine that he was arrested for promoting voter registration. I would like to include him in a piece on Black history of this it true and with the family permission. Thank you,

  2. Some online genealogy sleuthing indicates that a Joseph Nonc Joe Dobard is interred here. Dobard, Joseph "Nonc Joe" (1894-1955), husband of Eulalia Carrere ( - Bef 1920) The author may have more information and I do see the citation: "Obituary, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune, 19 Dec 1955, page 2." [] . Others noted on Find A Grave.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The website is our website. The information you found is a result of our own sleuthing. :) If you'd like to exchange further information, my email is kben920 (at)

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