Friday, November 23, 2012

Map of the Cemetery

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Aerial view from Google Earth taken in 2006. The wide wooded strip is part of the Joseph Dobard estate and is for sale. The cemetery, in the lower right, is not included in the sale.

Aerial view from Google Earth taken in 2012. The cemetery is not as visible, as the trees are in full leaf. Note the narrow strip of land adjacent to the Dobard property on the north side. It has been cleared and houses built. One house near the bayou seems to have cleared and appropriated some of the family land.

This aerial sketch is not to scale but it does show the relationship of the known burials.  Highway 23 runs from north to south below the sketch.

In the front of the cemetery, nearest the highway and parallel to it, there are seven vaults containing ten burials numbered 1 through 10. Near the back are three more vaults containing six burials numbered 11 through 16.

To the left of the map, on the south side of the cemetery, are the oldest in-ground graves, surrounded by copings identified by the double outline. The in-ground graves are numbered G-1 through G-14. The graves tinted yellow are our best guess as to location, as they do not have copings nor is the shape of the grave evident in the surface of the ground. Most Christian burials are aligned with the head toward the west, feet toward the east; it is this convention that suggested the possible location and orientation of the questionable burials.

Behind the back row of vaults is an area of disturbed ground, a series of mounds and depressions that are about the size of graves. There is no indication, such as copings or markers to indicate that they are graves. We hope someone who knows why this area has been disturbed will step forward and let us know.

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