Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In-ground Graves G-07 to G-14

G-7 and G-8: Mitchell Ricard, Sr (23 Apr 1898-Aug 1970) and his wife, Rose Dobard Ricard (30 Sep 1900-Dec 1981). The red lines are an estimate of the location. Rose is a daughter of A. W. "Willie" Dobard. At least five of their eight children are buried in the Dobard Cemetery, all in vaults: Marie (11); Ovide (16); Dorothy (14); Mitchell Jr (5); and Dorian (6)
G-9, G-10 & G-11: Blanche Escande (??-6-Jun 1919); Marie :Maya" Dobard Escande (Mar 1870-15 Oct 1938); and Felix Escande (Sep 1862-20 Oct 1944). The arrow in this photo points to a concrete base that at one time held the sign below, indicating that three members of the Escande family are buried here. Based on the premise that most Christian burials position the graves in an E-W alignment, this is our best guess as to where they may be located. The plywood at the right of the photo is lying beside the 11/12 vault.
G-12: Unknown. This coping encloses an area larger than a single grave but smaller than a double.

This photo, taken 18 April 2012, shows vault 12 in the foreground; vault 11 (now atop this vault) had not yet been built. The copings for grave G-12 are seen beyond. In the background is the enormous live oak tree that was no doubt here when the cemetery was established.

Felix Escande was married to Marie "Maya Dobard (1870-1938). Their daughter Blanche is buried with them.

G-13: Lance Christopher Stevenson (29 Jun 1981-24 Sep 2006)

G-13: Lance Christopher Stevenson is the great grandson of Theresa Dobard (born 1907), a daughter of A.W. "Willie" Dobard (born 1865) 

G-14: Unknown. This grave is located behind the front row of vaults.  

G-14: Unknown
G-14 is located directly behind Vaults 5 & 6. It is assumed the grave itself is between the cross and the vaults in keeping with the Christian practice of burials with the head to the west and feet toward the east.

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