Sunday, September 25, 2016

Work Continues on Dobard/Escande copings

A combination of rain and real life has delayed work on the copings for the Dobard and Escande graves, but this weekend's drier weather has permitted work to continue. Lloyd and I visited the cemetery on Saturday, September 24, while Keith Espalon and his men mixed and poured the cement. All of the water, as well as the sand, stones, and concrete have to be brought in, as there is no running water on site. Luckily, a relative of one of Keith's helpers lives nearby and provided water as needed.

The photo shows the weeds and grasses that have thrived in the hot, wet summer. Their removal will be part of the clean-up operation on October 29, 2016.

The new copings and stone will be a nice, clean addition to the cemetery.  Here Keith and his helpers are mixing more cement. The areas within the copings will be filled with clean, white stones, and the cement work will be painted white. Keith will paint with a primer when the cement has cured, followed by a coat of paint guaranteed to last a few years.

The openings in the foreground indicate the graves of Cesaire Dobard Dobard and Jeanne Lacroix Dobard. We believe the area between them contains the resting place of Baby Dobard, the still born son of Camille Dobard Woods. The larger area in back is the resting place of the three Escande family members, father Felix, mother Maya Dobard and their daughter Blanche.

We have ordered granite markers for the graves that will be installed on the cemented area at the head of each grave. The markers are 16" x 8". We have been notified that the markers are complete and should be delivered this week. This is one of them:

The installation must wait until the cement has had a chance to cure. There will be a brief dedication ceremony of the new markers during the clean-up day, October 29, 2016. Click here for Clean-up Day details.

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